New Image Laser Cosmetics
New Image Laser Cosmetics
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El Paso, Texas 79925
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One of the most popular forms of hair removal today is by laser light. Its advantage over other methods is that it can be done quickly and with a realistic expectation of some permanency. New Image Laser Cosmetics offers Laser Hair Removal that is both safe and effective. We use the most advanced FDA cleared laser technology available. The GentleLASE by Candela is a 755 nm laser FDA cleared for all skin types. In my experiences, it works best and is safest however on lighter skin types such as types I to IV. For darker skin types, such as types V and VI, we recommend Laserscope's 1064 nm Lyra-i. Matching the right laser to your particular skin type is one thing that sets New Image Laser Cosmetics apart from many other laser centers. Be wary of clinics that claim their single laser is perfect for all skin types.
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